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Novel Coronavirus: What You Need to Keep in Mind

As the novel coronavirus outbreak is ongoing in China¸ you might have been exposed to infection sources. To protect your health¸

please follow the instructions below.

For new and continuing NDHU students:

1. If you have fever, cough or shortness of breath upon your arrival, whether you are taking any cough suppressants/antipyretics or not, please inform quarantine officers at airport/port immediately.

2. If symptoms including fever, cough or shortness of breath occur within 14 days after entry, please inform NDHU health center or call toll-free hotline 1922 of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, to obtain instructions on seeking medical attention.

3. Be sure to inform doctors of your recent travel and exposure history.

4. Personal hygiene reminders:

   (1) Please wash your hands with soap regularly.

   (2) Wear a mask while coughing

   (3) Change your clothes and take a shower/bath once you arrive home.

For consultation, please contact Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (direct line: 1922).

Your Health, OSA’s Delight.

Health Services Division

Student Affairs Office;