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主旨: 【全校港澳生及入境中港澳外籍生請注意】因應疫情外籍生含僑生就學方案[Please note! Students from Hong Kong and Macau and foreign students who have entered China, Hong Kong and Macau (including transit)] Education arrangements for foreign students including overseas students in response to the epidemic conditions



2. 2/14(含)日之後則不得再入壽豐校區,可於原居住地採行教務處之安心就學方案(附件一「國立東華大學因應新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情防疫學生安心就學措施」)完成本學期之學程,其間學生應與授課教師聯繫,商討課程銜接及自主學習等,於確保學生學習品質前提下,教師得以遠距教學、線上學習、線上討論等彈性措施協助學生修讀課程,並得依科目性質,調整成績評定方式,以補考或其他如繳交報告等補救措施處理科目成績,補考成績並按實際成績計算。另,2/13(含)日前擬入境而尚未入境之外籍生亦得引用同上方式。



1. For students from Hong Kong and Macau and foreign students who have entered China, Hong Kong and Macau (including transit), please enter school before February 13th (inclusive).  Students enter school before February 13th (inclusive), school will provide room and board, and all the students will be arranged in one independent dormitory according to the instructions by government.


2. After February 14th, you will not be allowed to enter the Shoufeng campus.

You can complete the semester by adopting the Assurance Study Program of the Academic Affairs Office in the original place of residence (Annex 1 "Assurance Study Program for Students of National Dong Hwa University for Epidemic Prevention").  During the period of time, students should be in touch with the instructor to discuss the course contents and the learning methods.  Under the premise of ensuring the quality of student learning, instructors may use many kinds of flexible teaching techniques such as online learning and online discussions to help students.  Instructors may adjust the assessment method according to the nature of the subject.  The subject score may be assessed by make-up exam or other remedial measures such as submitting a report.    
In addition, foreign students who intend to enter the country before February 13 (inclusive) but have not yet entered the country may also apply the same method as above.

3. However, foreign students entering Taiwan at any time can adopt home quarantine by themselves off-campus.  During home quarantine, you can use the school's aforementioned "Assurance Study Program" to take courses.  After completion of quarantine, you can come to school and finish the rest of the courses.  The school also provides the information about the off-campus home quarantine residence (Annex 2) for foreign students, but the relevant board and lodging are paid by the students, and the school provides related quarantine monitoring and service work. 


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