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[Student Dormitory] About 104 Academic Year Winter Vacation Dormitory Closing and Moving(For International Students)

Dear NDHU student: Very kindly to note the 104 winter vacation dormitory closing, please read it carefully

1. The Dormitory Closing :12:00 Jan 14th 2016

2. The Dormitory Opening:12:00 Feb 19th 2016

3. For security reason, all student can’t stay in dorm if you don’t have accommodation right in winter vacation

4. Stay Period In Winter Vacation:17:00 Jan 14th ~ 10:00 Feb 19th 2016

5. The regulations for the dorm in Summer Vacation please read the appendix

6. The regulations of dorm closing and luggage deposit please read the appendixⅡ.

※Please clean up the room in the end of the staying time

Tel:03-8632222 Miss Lin

Regards Section of Student Dormitory Service