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[Student Dormitory] 105 Academic Year Dormitory Application (For International Students)

Please carefully read the Dormitory Application for the 105 Academic Year information:

The 3-step dormitory application procedure:

1. Logging into the system

-Log in period 09:00 March 21st 2016~ -Fill in the course application number and pass word. Be sure to confirm that you have paid the entire dormitory fee. If you would like to choose a roommate for next semester, please also confirm his/her student ID and cell phone number in the Electronic Learning Resume system.

2. Complete the application process:

Application period: - Female undergraduate students: 12:30 March 22nd 2016~17:00 23rd 2016 - Male undergraduate students: 12:30 March 24th 2016~17:00 25th 2016 - Graduated students (males and females): 12:30 March 28th 2016~17:00 29th 2016 - Waiting list application (sign up): 12:30 March 30th 2016~17:00 31st 2016 Please check the above dates carefully. Space may not be available for students who fail to apply on time.

3. Pay the deposit (2,000 NT)

Payment period: 12:30 March 31st 2016~the deadline for each application period (see above)

Be sure to pay the deposit during this period. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted and you will lose the space you reserved.

Please note that, unless repairs need to be made, graduate student dormitories will remain open during winter and summer vacation. Undergraduate students and students living in rooms scheduled for repair must clean out rooms before leaving for winter and summer vacation.

1. Dormitories open during summer vacation (July 2016): Qinyue Zhuang, Yingxi, Xiangqing Zhuang, Hanxing Zhuang, Yingshan Zhuang

2. Dormitories open during winter vacation (January 2017): Xingyun Zhuang (1st and 2nd floor)

Please read all of the regulations carefully before completing dormitory application. Student Dormitory Service Division